Alicia Keys stands centrally on stage. Her and her band are silhouetted by a large screen behind them that expands beyond the image, showing a horizon-line of purple and pink mountains.

Alicia Keys


Live Visuals

The Alicia + Keys World tour was conceived as a celebration of her journey as an artist to date.

We transformed this aspiration into a 3 act narrative arc across the show. Drawing inspiration from key phrases in the overall creative direction such as “Light expands our horizons”, “the internal storm of duality” and “Storm clears on the horizon”, we told the story of Alicia Keys through the metaphor of “The Journey of Light”.

Dividing the show into 3 acts; Act I started with light appearing somewhere deep in the cosmos travelling to earth. Act II was informed by the idea of light being processed by the human eye and a sense of introspection and personal evolution. Lastly, Act III represented the light that shines out from Alicia and her spellbinding performance which captivates international audiences.

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Photo credit: Kelli Anne