Loyle Carner stands sideways to camera and sings into a microphone in dark red lighting.

Loyle Carner - Hugo Tour


Show Design

Loyle Carner's tour was designed to coincide with his 2023 album Hugo, a poignant narrative recounting the journey of reconnecting with his father amidst becoming a new father himself. The album traces their relationship from animosity to forgiveness. To physically manifest this emotional arc, the tour design encapsulated a 12-hour day/night cycle, embodying the album's moods from the red sunset of 'Hate', passing through the contemplation of night, towards the dawn of a new day in 'HGU'. Incorporating a physical car prop, street lamp, and gradient back drape, we wanted to convey a sense of progression and development. The key set props and lighting looks were designed to be adaptable and modular to work with the various venue and stage sizes across the tour.

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Photo credit: Karolina Wielocha, Diogo Lopes, & Felix AAA