Artist Loyle Carner raps with arm outreached into the crowd. He stands on a meteorite plinth with a large sun-like light behind him.

Loyle Carner - Royal Albert Hall


Show Design

After the Hugo Tour had been running for a year, we were asked to design a show for Loyle Carner's Royal Albert Hall performance and live recording. This show was in part a culmination of the Hugo tour but with one foot in the future and sense of development in Loyle’s career. Loyle Carner’s performance at The Royal Albert Hall as entitled by the artist "All The Way From The Sun", employed the tour’s 12 hour sun cycle concept to physically describe the emotional journey of the album. But for this seminal, stand alone show the metaphor was manifested as a literal sun. We knew we wanted to go big for this moment, as it marked a significant moment in both Loyle’s trajectory and UK rap’s growing recognition and influence by traditional institutions. To do so, we created a set which placed Loyle Carner bathed in sunlight as he stands on a baron rock - emotionally and literally “All The Way From The Sun”.

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Photo credit: Diogo Lopes & Michael Fung