Obongjayar sits on the top of two stairs with a black and white checkerboard floor. To his left are right are bandmates including studio friend and talented musician Marla Kether. Behind Obongjayar is a set of antique doors which are flung open to reveal a galaxy behind him.



Show Design

Live Visuals


For Obongjayar’s 2022 UK Tour, we designed and directed single track vignettes for his KOKO show. Inspired by Obongjayar's lyric, “Don’t be discouraged my dear if the doors don’t swing // Hold on, keep on pushing”, we visually interpreted what may lie beyond this door - the liminal space of imagination. By placing a set of doors across a checkerboard floor, our design brings to life an imagined space, creating an ethereal world just across the threshold…full of potential, full of possibility.

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Photo credit: Karolina Wielocha