Olivia Dean stands on the left-hand side of the image with her arm raised, singing. Behind her is a metallic fabric arch with purple lighting inside the arch. Olivia wears a black bra, open white button down shirt, and maroon skirt.

Olivia Dean - All Points East


Show Design

Live Visuals

As a single-show departure from Olivia Dean's Messy Tour, we wanted to use All Points East to showcase a new side of Olivia Dean; one that paid homage to her influences both musically and personally, particularly 70’s soul music which her Grandmother introduced her to. We took our original concept of celebrating light and colour and turned it on its head, with a mirrored curtain which arched behind Olivia and her band, reminiscent of 1940's glam of jazz clubs like Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom. Behind the curtain we used a screen to bring in additional lighting and refractions into the set to highlight Olivia Dean's stage presence and musicality.

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Photo credit: Karolina Wielocha