A half-dome shaped stage is shown in front of Somerset House at night. On the stage Olivia Dean is singing off-center to the left. There is a sheer curtain lit yellow along with four bandmates.

Olivia Dean - Messy Tour


Show Design

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Olivia Dean has many sides. She is confident, adventurous, playful, curious, chaotic, anxious, insular and a perfectionist. She beams bright yellow sunshine when she enters a room, envelops you in a warm red glow of love, cries a deep blue sadness and follows with a glittering sparkle of laughter. "Messy" is a collection of all these things and a study of what and who makes her feel. The spatial concept for Olivia Dean’s EU tour was based on the idea of refraction, plotting the stage based on the lines of light and colour from prismatic refraction. Olivia is conceptually the equivalent of the prism - the epicentre of the stage from which all light, colour and energy flows. This design landed as a set of sheer drapes composed of thin strips of fabric that each have a subtle colour, which when overlaid form blended colours as they intersect.

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Photo credit: Lou Jasmine, Dani Kasparov, & Archie Wells