A Bronze bust of artist Pa Salieu sits centrally within a museum along with other classical sculptures from the neoclassical period.

Pa Salieu


Live Visuals


Pa Salieu “isn’t a brand; it's just him”. Grounded and guided by stubbornness drawn from his roots, everything he is, everything he creates is a work of art. The African Rebel tour celebrates African creativity as Pa seeks to push the culture and share his art with the world. Though undoubtedly influential on western art and culture, African art and artists face unique difficulty being recognised as such. We wanted to deliberately reject these stereotypes and set him directly where he should be, creating a virtual gallery space to present Pa Salieu’s art with the status it deserves. Pa Salieu at O2 Shepherd’s Bush review: What a performer.

“all eyes were on Salieu, who held firm in the vast spectacle,

visibly aware of his power to entertain.”

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Photo credit: Phoebe Fox & Karolina Wielocha